In addition to a personal means of transport, a bus is a good solution for reaching Haapsalu from various parts of Estonia. Bus departure times are easy to find at web.peatus.ee

On Friday and Saturday night there will be Augustibluus’ night bus from Haapsalu to Tallinn.
Departure from Posti 4 (in front of the Cultural Centre):
Friday night (August 3) at 1:00
Saturday night
(August 4) at 1:00
Last stop Tammsaare park, Pärnu mnt, Tallinn. Other stops along the way to be agreed with the bus driver.
Ticket price €15

Bicycles can be rented right on the main street in Haapsalu. You can call +372 5212796 or go to Karja Street 22.

Buss / ferry transport with festival tickets and hotel accommodation from Helsinki, Finlandhttps://www.elmu.fi/augustibluus

You can stroll around the city with the tour train “Peetrike” – it will take you conveniently from the concert at the Railway Station to the city center or to the main stage at Bishop’s Castle. The train has a travel companion who draws attention to points of interest on the way. More information can be found at https://salm.ee/huvisoidurong-peetrike/

If your place of stay is far from the city center, you can also order a taxi at night by calling numbers:

473 3330 / or 1200
473 4200 / or 1300
473 3500 / or 1700

Buss/ferry transport with festival ticket and hotel accommodation from Helsinki, Finland:  https://www.elmu.fi/augustibluus