Augustibluus Rules and Regulations

When purchasing a ticket, the festival visitor agrees to the rules in force at the event and undertakes to follow the security requirements and instructions below, to behave correctly, and to comply with generally accepted moral standards.

Admission to the Event

  • The organizer reserves the right to select customers.
  • The festival pass is exchanged for a wristband at the ticket office free of charge. Holders of tickets for concert evenings in the Episcopal Castle (so-called single evening tickets) can purchase a wristband from the tent in the festival area (“Bluus-shop”). The wristband is checked at the entrance to the concerts.
  • The visitor is obliged to keep the wristband on his wrist until the end of the festival.
  • The wristband will expire if the wristband is damaged or removed.
  • A visitor will not be allowed to enter the event if the visitor shows symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Persons with obvious signs of intoxication may not be allowed on the territory of the event.

Persons with the following items cannot enter the territory of the event:

  • glassware, tinplate, plastic or other containers or articles the contents or breakage of which, etc. may endanger his or her own safety or the safety of others;
  • any weapons or other dangerous objects;
  • pets;
  • food and drink, narcotic drugs or other psychotropic substances;
  • bicycles, scooters, or other lightweight transportation vehicles

The organizer has the right to remove from the territory of the event persons who:

  • Violating order (fighting, causing injury, theft, possession, use, or trafficking in narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances);
  • Possess the things or objects specified in the preceding paragraph;
  • The wristband/ticket of the person expelled from the Event will expire and the person will lose the right to enter the Event. The person also does not have the right to demand that the organizer repurchase the ticket.

Visitor rights:

  • to enjoy the Event;
  • contact the organizing staff to resolve any issues
  • submit proposals and claims in accordance with the applicable procedures.