Festival & History

Augustibluus – the largest blues music festival in Baltic countries – has been running annually since 1994. The first festival was just a show of six local bands, but over the years this modest local event has become an international music festival. Foundation for this tradition was laid by Haapsalu’s own Gülnar Murumägi and Roman Sultangirejev, since 2008 the festival is organized by Live Agency Group and CB Management.

The main attraction has become the positive atmosphere of Augustibluus, and many say that during the festival the little costal town (99 km from Tallinn) with 750 years of history becomes a paradise for the music lovers. The main stage is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the ancient Episcopal Castle. Music can also be enjoyed in streets and open- air cafes, historic Railway Station and The Haapsalu Cathedral.

Augustibluus, catering also for a more sophisticated musical palate, has gained remarkable public interest over the years and received positive criticism in several music publications. It sure has established its status among renowned blues festivals in Europe. Every year the first weekend of August brings more than ten thousand people to Haapsalu to take part of this great blues party. 

Some say that Augustibluus is the biggest blues festival in the Baltics, others that it’s the most charming one in Europe. No matter if it’s true or false, what counts is that Augustibluus spares no effort in preserving and putting forward live music made with passion, amidst the world that seems more and more each day as if made of bits and bytes and plastic. And you can tell it matters to more and more people.

Welcome to Estonia, Welcome to Haapsalu!