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Tammepõld, Roots & Terep (EST)

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Mikk Tammepõld on bluusisõbrale tuttav ennekõike ansambli Dramamama solistina. Varasemalt on ta esinenud Augustibluusil nii Dramamama koosseisus kui ka sooloartistina. Slaidkitarrist Andres Roots on eri koosseisudega Augustibluusil üles astunud juba 13 korda; trummar Raul Terepiga teeb ta koostööd 2003. aastast ning duona on nad tuuritanud nii Eestis, Soomes, Rootsis, Lätis kui Poolas. Üheskoos on Tammepõld, Roots ja Terep salvestanud kaks lugu: “Hear Me Calling” ilmus 2014. aastal kogumikul “Get on! Estonian Tribute to Hurriganes”, “All in the Cards” Rootsi mullusel albumil “Winter”, mis püsis kaks kuud nii Suurbritannia kui Prantsusmaa raadiotes enimmängitud bluusiplaatide edetabelis, tõustes mõlemas riigis ka esikümnesse.

Blues fans will know Mikk Tammepõld first and foremost as the lead singer in Dramamama. Over the years, he’s appeared at Augustibluus both with the band and as a solo artist. Slide guitarist Andres Roots has already performed at the festival 13 times with a variety of line-ups; he’s been collaborating with the drummer Raul Terep since 2003 and as a duo, they have toured in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Poland. Together, Tammepõld, Roots and Terep have recorded two numbers: “Hear Me Calling” appeared in 2014 on the compilation “Get on! Estonian Tribute to Hurriganes”, “All in the Cards” on Roots’ 2016 album “Winter”, which stayed in the blues airplay charts in both the UK and France for two months, reaching the Top Ten in both countries.